Innovation Healthcare Company


  • 2010 ~

     2010   Acquisition CE for Galaxy Rail System.
                  BE Chosen as E-frontier enterprise(Gyeonggi Province).
                  Move to our new building.

     2011    Acquisition CE for Irene(Mammography System).
                   Obtain a United States of America patent on galaxy Rail System.
                   Selection as outstanding Company by Anyang city.

  • 2005 ~ 2009

    2005   Selection as Korean power innovation company of <Medical  industry part>.
                   Acquiring certification of INNO-BIZ(small and medium- sized enterprises seek for technical innovation).
                   Selection as a bright prospect small and medium enterprise  from Gyounggi-do.

    2006    Selection as  “Best partner” by  Korea Credit Guarantee  Fund.
                    UL approval of Radiographic Stand development.

    2007    “KODIT PARTNER” qualified by Korea Credit Guarantee Fund.
                     Establishment of Gunpo-city branch(Factory).

    2008    Selection as Promising Export Company by Small and  Medium Business Administration.
                    Release the advanced Digital Radiography System “GALAXY”.

    2009   Acquiring certification of HT(Health Technology) from  Ministry for Health, Welfare and Family Affars.
                   Establishment of new branch “MEDIEN USA”.


  • 1999 ~ 2004

    1999     Establishment of Medien Internation Co., Ltd.
    2003    Conclusion of contract for exclusive distributor with Imaging Dynamics Company, Canada for Digital Radiography System.
           Conclusion of contract for distributor with Samdeck Chea Sim Friendship national hospital, Cambodia.





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