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  • Have you experienced a problem with your Medien product?
  • Please provide a detailed description and we will do our best to resolve the matter expeditiously.
  • E01 is shown in display window of universal stand and the equipment isn’t working.

    E01 is shown in display window when Emergency button is pressed on. In this case the equipment isn’t working. Turn the Emergency (Red) switch is located in the top end of stand in the direction of arrow and then switch return to normal and begin to work normally.
  • When image is displayed in Monitor, black or white faults are shown. Or the impression the image is rough?

    First of all check whether faults are shown at the same position continuously or they are shown at different position each photographing when faults are displayed. In case of same position, check whether an alien substance is stained in surface of Flat panel or case of Grid. If it is not, call to service center of MEDIEN because it is needed Calibration. In case of different position or images will be rough, call to service center of MEDIEN because it is needed Calibration or change of Option in Operating Program.
  • The equipment is not working.

    First of all check whether the cable for sources of electricity isn’t connected or not and main power switch. And then check the FAN which is located in TEC control box and the side of DR is working with revolving normally. If the FAN is not working, the possibility cable for sources of electricity isn’t connected is high and if the FAN is working normally but images are not displayed in Monitor, contact to us. For reference, stand use separate sources of electricity.
  • The window for display is not shown.

    If nothing is shown in window for display, it is likely that the power is turned off. First of all check whether power switch is turn on or not and whether the plug for sources of electricity isn’t connected or not. If a problem is not included above cases, contact us because the problem is internal circuit problem.
  • DR has no effect when X-ray is exposed nevertheless power of computer and detector is connected well and software is wor…

    If the communication between detector and computer is done nevertheless detector acquire an image, software has no effect. Check whether cables connect between the back of computer and TEC Control box are connected smoothly or not. If they are all right, check whether X-ray is generated from tube normally.
  • We can’t transfer to DICOM (connection with PACS).

    In relation to problems fail to transfer DICOM, they are either problem is occurred in DR or PACS. If it is impossible to transfer to DICOM, contact to our service center. Our engineer will visit to you directly or let you know method check the condition of DR. If it isn’t problem of DR, you contact to the company supply PACS directly. Otherwise we can contact to the company for you.
  • Detector makes terrible noise.

    If detector makes terrible noise, it is made from FAN. The major function of the FAN is to make low temperature internal Detector suitable in order that CCD can read image smoothly. However this FAN is not working properly, it can’t capture image because the temperature internal Detector is rose. Furthermore this problem reduce durability. If the problem makes a noise from FAN, call to service center immediately.
  • Magellan 2 software is not turned on.

    Magellan software can be operated with separate software key. Find the software key is connected in USB port of computer and then confirm whether it is connected with computer or not. It is working only the case this software key is connected well.

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