Innovation Healthcare Company

Corp. Identity

Corporate Identity

■ Symbol mark

The Mediamond symbol mark is a materialized Detector made up of strong and polished hues of   
   blue and a light green radiation film. The design of the symbol mark, is meant to reflect the product’s
   reliability and precision on the one hand, and its environmental soundness on the other.
   The two diamonds reflect our commitment to providing the best service to the medical professionals who
   serve and sacrifice to promote human health and wellbeing.
※ The symbol mark is formula regulation of Medien so that can not be used by changing random at any case.

■ Logo Type

Logo type should use only Medien blue sky (Blue Sky : Pantone 285C) or white but can use Medien gold (Gold : Pantone 872C) and medien silver (Silver : Pantone 877C) in some cases.
Background colors depend on the logo colors being used.

※ The Medien logo must always be created according to official Medien 

■ Signature


Detector is materialized by sincere and polished dark blue color family, and radiation film by light green. This is expressing reliability of product that achieve correct diagnostic function and expressing environment friendly, harmlessness that are important elements of digital image Medical instrument. Also, two diamonds are expressing “Strong will of justice management that wish to brighten customer’s value who serve and sacrifices for human’s health promotion.”

 ※ The Medien signature mush always be produced according to Medien specifications.

■ Color System

■ Basic Color

■ Special Color


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